The machine is used for continuous removal of stones from a stream of granular materials, composed for instance of any variety of grain, oilseed, Coca beans, Wheat, Rice, Dal etc. Simple & dependable separation due to the stratification of the material into the product & the heavy impurities such as stones, metals, glass etc.

Construction & Details 
The Milling separator is used for preliminary cleaning of all kinds of grain as wheat, channa, etc. Machine is indispensable for freeing the grain dirt, sand ,stones & other impurities.
With Blower 1850 * 1500 * 1750 3-4 ton /hr
Without Blower 1850 * 1500 * 1750 3-4 ton /hr

Rotary Grain Machine

Rotary Grain Machine
Grain Cleaning in silo an milling plants, breweries, maltting ect. Redressing farinaceous products with difficult flowing properties. Sifting screening in the cleaning plant and Roller Flour Mill.
Circular movement of the sieve ensures efficient separation with correspondingly big capacity. 
Suitable for any kind of grain and for all product of the cleaning plant - Optimum capacity for the space occupied - smooth operation since motor
swings along with the sieve box- V-belt drives the flywheel-Sieve are secured by means of clamping levers and excentic. This ensures good tightening of connections and easy removal and replacement of sieve Strong compact steel construction - Minimum attendance needed.
Method of operation
Material to be separated falls freely through the inlet into the coarse screen, which removes such coarse impurities as string straw and stones. Through fall in t the sand sieve, which removes broken kernels, sand and other fine impurities. Tailings from the lower sieve-layer consists of cleaned grain and pass to the outlet. The circular movement of the sieve facilitates and increase of the capacity on given sieve-surface and also an increase of the sieve effect. If the products must be aspirated, the separated can be supplied with Aspiration channel built on the outlet.
Because of the many possible ways in which the air velocity can be regulated by adjusting the valve of the aspiration channel. The aspirating effect can be adjusted at an optimum for the product to be aspirated.
Model Length with Aspiration Channel Length without Aspiration Channel Width Height Qnty of Air required cubic meter/ Minute Capacity/Hour in Tones
R.3 2490 1810 1500 1260 30 3 to 4
R.8 2490 1810 1800 1260 80 6 to 8






Function of the Machine
The Hygienic requirements of wheat preparation are increasing more & more to making carefully washing of wheat even more important to consideration to above function wheat washing machine is to remove impurities & micro organisms from the wheat surface. 
Washing machine is adjustable the wheat leaving the machines has 1 to 2 % moisture absorbing in case washing drier what the washing machine can be adjusted so that the moisture absorption of wheat will be 3 to 4 %.Washing of wheat grain is really intensive.

ater Wheel Dampner
Water Wheel Dampner
The Automatic Water Wheel Damper Consists of a Water Wheel and spur Pinion mounted on the end of the Wheat Wheel Shaft. This is matched with a spur gear which is mounted on the end of the water wheel shaft. Water Wheel is fitted with adjustable galvanized of Gun Metal iron Cups. These Cups ate fitted on the Water Wheel by means of a wing nut and spring washer. There is a semi-circular catch with and inclined through.
The level of Water in Water tank is maintained by means of a ball float. The grain revolves the wheat wheel by its fall and its motion is transmitted through the spur pinion and gear to the water wheel. The cups on the water wheel lift up the water from the rank and deposit it into the semi-circular catch through from where it flows in through and out of the machine into the steam of grain. It  will be clearly seen that the greater the quantity of grain passing through the water wheel, the faster will it revolve and consequently more water will be lifted. The quantity of water to be added is adjusted by reversing more or less cups so that they do not pick up any water as they pass through the water in the water tank


H.X.W. X L


RM - 1

32" X 30" 32"

Mechanical Drive


Intensive Dampner  
Intensive Dampner
Intensive Dampers are used in Cleaning Section of the flour Mills for the uniform adding of Water into the cover layers of grain before tempering and by that ensuring the necessary moisture contents before milling.

Grain is moistured in Horizontal Cylindrical Jacket with Rotor equipped with set of Hammer Bars. The grains are in continuous motion during the way through the Jacket what makes the penetration of water in to grain covers easier. Thus this capability of high single stage additions can make it possible to eliminate second temper with obvious commensurate savings to the Miller.


H X W X L.
RM - 72 20" X 18" X 106" 7.5 750 R.P.M. 3 TO 5 T./HR
RM - 96 20" X 18" X 123" 10 750 R.P.M 6 TO 8 T./HR
Pneumatic Conveying Components 
The Pneumatic conveying components consists of G.I.pipes, Tee, Vee, Lookrings, bends, devider, inspection gates, Rubber Lids, Lift Glasses, Rubber Sleeves are  used in Pneumatic conveying system, which is installed in the plant. The components are manufactured under great supervision by the latest zigs and fixtures.