This machine is built specially for flour redressing and is especially applicable when relatively large capacities of flour redressing are envisaged. It is similar in operation and to a point, construction to a square sieve plansifter, having sieve mounted in boxes stacked on top of each other the usual number being six, the whole stack rotates in a horizontal plane which supplies the sieving and converting motion for the stock in the machine. Now a day the machine is used for the whole Wheat Atta plant for dressing the atta in small scale Industry.


The machine is mounted on flour feet which can be securely bolted to any type of floor. It is driven by a self countained electric motor through twin vee belts. The degree of tension can be adjusted by the system of linkage in the belts.
The entire stack of sieve is gyrated in a 5mm circle at 250 r.p.m. in a horizontal plane. Immediately the stock enters the head of the machine it is directed by the feed spout on to a spreader, which distributes it evently over the sieve cover, and some of the finer particles fall through the screen on to the sieve collecting plate, to the discharged at right angles into the throughs channel.

The buckets elevators are more usually employed for this function. The materials is elevated by means of a bucket, of special shape, attached to a conveying medium. The belt is carried over a pulley at the top and at the bottom of the elevators, power being applied to the top pulley and elevator belt tensioning to the bottom. A casing is provided to enclosed the top and bottom pulleys and the up and down lengths of belt and buckets. the capacity of the elevators is determined by the size of bucket, the number of buckets used and the speed of conveying belt. The shape of the bucket must be designed so that, at a given speed arround the top pulley, centrifugal force, added to the force of gravity, causes all the materials elevated to be thrown out of the buckets into the discharge spout. If these factors are incorrectly selected material  may either be thrown out too soon, miss the discharge spout and fall into the elevator legs or not be thrown out at all but allowed to drop out by gravity, again into the elevator legs.